Halloween Costume Contest!

Send in your pics of your halloween costumes today!Please make sure to include which category you are competing for when you send pictures to Victoria He (he0202@dcds.edu) or Dillon Mavunga (mav0101@dcds.edu). All pictures must be sent by 3:25pm tomorrow to be posted on Fear the Sting and to be considered for a prize. Student Council will decide the winners on Monday. 

Categories are: Scariest, Best Group, Best Duo, Funniest, and Best Individual (best individual could win another category too!)


 Mr. Arseneau, Werewolf


 Arman Abdollahi, Apocalypse Man


Veda Mantena and Friend; Vampire

Best Group

 Victoria He, Ariana Rao, Jeslyn Wang, Naveen Ibrahim, Sreelakshmi Panicker, Jordan John, Sophia Arabo; Delta Sigma Pi brothers (Blake, Bryce, Jake, Chad, Cooper, Jayden, Zach)


 Emily Bilen, Sanjana Kesireddy, Jamie Nation; Tinkerbell Squad


 Ashiyana Bedi, Amara Tariq, Avanni Bedi, Kate Parambo, Gabby Kyriakoza, Hannah Hourani; Skiers


 Academic office; Pirates

Best Duo

Mr. and Ms. Corwin,  The Princess Diaries Mia Thermopolis + limo driver JoeFirst Mia costume from when Ms. Corwin was 12!


 Katie Weinerth and Cali Bearden, Salt + Pepper


 Taylor Aibana and Anna Stockreef, Bring It On cheerleaders


 Avanni Bedi and Hannah Hourani, Cow and Pig


 CJ Davis and Rachel Jackson, Tiktok E-boy and E-girl


Veda Mantena and Friend; Vampire


 Natalia Pataq, Mr. Clean


 Avanni Bedi and Hannah Hourani, Cow and Pig


 Julia Nona, Mr. World wide


 Alessia Sessa, Vector from Despicable Me


Best Individual

 Julia Nona, Mr. World wide


 Eva Niederhofer, Brockhampton


 Katie Rinke, Tboe from ICarly


 Cole Wilhelmi, Dwight Schrute from The Office


 Siri Atluri, Starbucks drink


 Sydney Holter, Harley Quinn


 Richard Shao, Pianist