Weekly Schedule, Bulletin

Weekly Schedule:

Upload your COVID tests to Magnus! Everyone’s test must be in before we return face to face.


Update (8/21)

Health and Safety – F2F Learners

For our F2F learners we have made many adjustments to our programs, our processes / procedures, and our facilities:

  • Our new block scheduleis attached. This schedule reduces passing times, has longer class periods for deeper and richer learning, preserves DCDS traditions like Senior Speeches, Assemblies (virtual to start the year), Advisory, Clubs and more. It also is designed to reduce student stress with fewer class meetings each day, but the same number of instructional minutes, a Flex period for in-school advisory, tutoring and special events, and has been well-received by students and faculty.
  • Lunches –You should have all received a communication from Plum Market with their thorough safety and food delivery procedures. For the first part of the year, students will eat lunch in classrooms in either their Block 3 or Block 7 classes. This will eliminate a passing time, and minimize exposure. Plum will deliver lunches to areas throughout the building where they will be distributed to classrooms. Students may bring their own lunch if they prefer, but may not share food. Our hope is that at some point during the year we will be able to return to using the Student Center for lunch.
  • Passing times –We have extended passing times to ten minutes. Weather permitting, students will be able to go outside during passing times for “mask breaks”, and to use exterior sidewalks to reduce traffic in interior hallways. Interior hallways have been marked with floor tape and directional signage – students are asked to walk single file and stay to the right side of the hall when walking. We will stagger dismissal from classrooms to reduce the number of students in the halls at the beginning of passing time, and stagger dismissal at the end of the day. Students will have assigned dismissal exits.
  • Masks / Dividers –Students, faculty and staff must wear masks inside the building at all times except when eating or drinking, or when isolated in a work space by themselves. There are plexiglass dividers at lab stations, in art and music stations, and in the offices. Masks should be school appropriate and no logos or statements are allowed on masks. Masks should be cloth fabric, two ply or more and attach with ear loops or a loop behind the head. Neck gaiters, buffs and bandanas are not allowed for school, but non-fleece neck gaiters and buffs are allowed for athletics.
  • Uniforms –While our regular school uniforms are still expected, we have made a comfort modification for the duration of the time that face masks are required. As long as face masks are required, male faculty, staff and students are not required to wear a tie except on Color Day (Thursday). On Thursdays, everyone will be in Color Day attire. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – no ties required, Thursday – Color Day, Friday – Spirit Wear Day. Jackets or Letter Sweaters are still required for men, and jackets and letter sweaters are required for everyone on Thursdays. This is NOT a uniform change, but rather a modification in the interest of comfort. Remote learners MUST be in uniform for any visible clothing when joining live sessions, and follow these same guidelines.
  • Entrance Way / Temperature Checks –When students enter the building, they will do so through one of four entrances: Circle Drive Main Entrance, PAC Entrance, Science Wing entrance which faces student lot, and new Doorwall entrance outside the student center near the tennis courts. At each of these entrances there will be thermal temperature scanners and staff. Students will need to retain 6’ spacing when walking and entering. They will lean towards the temp scan to get within several inches without touching, and there is an instant temperature reading. Any students with a temperature over 100.4 will be referred to the nurse for temperature confirmation, and if a high temp is confirmed will be isolated in our COVID isolation space until they can be picked up to return home.
  • Cleaning –During passing times, classroom teachers will clean common touch areas of the room with approved cleaning materials. They will wipe down door handles, light switches and common touch tables or equipment. Upper School students will be given wipes to clean their own desk and chair when they enter a classroom. Bathrooms will be cleaned twice a day, and common touch areas in the building throughout the day. Frequent hand-washing is critical!!
  • Bathrooms – Dividers have been installed between sink basins, and students will be expected to observe spacing in restrooms. Staff will assist in making sure restrooms do not exceed maximum occupancy during passing times.
  • COVID testing –Please follow the guidelines in Mr. Dempsey’s recent letter regarding testing. Students must have been tested on August 26th or after, with results uploaded to Magnus prior to the start of school on Sept. 8. For incoming freshmen or new students attending the Sept. 3 New Student Orientation, testing must be done on or after August 24th and results uploaded prior to Sept. 3. Rapid tests are acceptable.
  • Family Screening –Families are asked to screen students with temperature checking prior to sending them to schools. We ask that students not attend school if they are ill, or experiencing symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, body aches / pains or other COVID related symptoms. Families traveling to high risk areas or out of the country may be asked to quarantine students and participate in remote learning until the isolation period has passed.

Our full Return to Campus Plan, including protocols for positive tests, can be found on the portal at this address https://www.dcds.edu/return-to-campus