2 Peas in a Pod: Garret Fragnoli and Sammy Erjavac

The story of these two scholars and athletes begins in the far off-season of lacrosse when the boys on the team noticed a stunning similarity between these young men, they knew it was destiny calling. Sammy Erjavac is a freshman varsity Lacrosse player and an academic enthusiast. Sammy started playing lacrosse when he was just five years old and fell in love from the start. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Garret Fragnoli is a senior varsity Lacrosse captain who had been playing lacrosse since 5th grade. These gentlemen quickly noticed their uniformity and found companionship in one another. Best friends were made on and off the field.

People started joking that they were the same person. Always hanging out and even having the same free block together “We do homework together and then talk about lax” states Erjavac. Sammy looks to Garret, or ‘Frags’, as a mentor and a friend. In a short interview, Garett has given Sammy some heart filled advice for his high-school career. As Garett put it, “You’re a young buck bound to make mistakes, but make sure you’re always going full speed, make mistakes at full speed, succeed at full speed, but always learn from them”. More pieces of advice include “make sure you always have time to do homework, it can be difficult to balance a varsity sport and maintain good grades”.

Sammy is one of the only freshmen on varsity and has had a great experience compared to his other sports “Junior Varsity Football was fun, but it was less of a bond between the teammates, even though Lacrosse is more of a time commitment”. Sammy has had a very warm welcome from all of the upperclassmen who are very supportive of his youth and continue to make him a better person and player. Sammy and Garret are a great example of how being teammates on the field can make best friends off the field!

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