Peru Trip/Outdoor Adventure Club!

Everyone at this school knows that this school offers many opportunities outside of school, including many foreign exchange trips where you can travel to other countries. However, if you can’t host a student or want to do something more adventurous, there’s another option: Outdoor Adventure Club.

Every Midwinter Break, the Outdoor Adventure Club goes to a different exciting destination. In 2017, they went to Costa Rica. This year we went to Peru.


Day 1: After flying for 10 hours, we landed in the city of Cusco. We rode the bus to our hotel which was in the heart of Cusco. Then, we toured the city and some of its sites for a little bit. We also took a bus ride up a steep mountain to visit a religious Inca site.

Day 2: We went to an alpaca and llama farm and we got to feed them! We also visited another Inca site and hiked a small mountain. We visited a weaving community and bought some cool sweaters, they also taught us how they dye their thread and make their own thread.  




Day 3: We went to a local Peruvian market. Then, we hiked a hill and got a beautiful view.

 This was also the first day of our 3-day hike where we camped in the mountains.

 The first day of hiking was difficult because it was raining super hard and everyone was still adjusting to the altitude. But, when we got to the campsite, our guides had fresh popcorn and tea waiting for us.


Day 4-5: It was the second day of the hike. This day, we met all of our guides and cooks in the morning. 

Then, we began hiking for the day. We had cocoa leave to help us adjust to the elevation. The second day was the hardest day for sure because it was the day we summited, so we reached almost 16,000 feet in elevation. The third day of the hike, we hiked mostly downhill in order to reach the town where we would catch a train to Machu Picchu. We explored the city of Ollantaytambo that night after riding a train for almost 2 hours. Ollantaytambo is the city near Machu Picchu.

Day 6: We went to Machu Picchu! I personally climbed Wayna Picchu (you can also climb Sungate) and we got the coolest view of Machu Picchu and the mountains around it.

  Day 7: Our last day in Peru:( We went to some cool sites near Cusco. We visited a really pretty lake, an Inca site, salt mines, and a children’s center. I wish we got to play with the children longer, but it was so cool to see the smiles on their faces when we gave them the gifts we brought them.    

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