Ami’s Declassified Upper School Survival Guide

High school can be hard, especially with tough classes, a sports season, and other commitments! So, to help you all be as successful as you can be, I asked a few students for a helpful piece of information!

Aroon Prabhu, a senior, emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene: “Using the bathroom whenever you need can prevent you from having an emergency during a testing situation”. Thanks Aroon!

In light of his sophomore and junior year experiences, Michael Obrien, a senior, reflects on his late night endeavors: “Don’t play tag pro. It was tragic how such a simple game of online capture the flag could take me to new extremes of poor academic performance”. Thanks Michael!

Senior Rajeev Kambhatla adds to the words of wisdom with his own: “Dab on the circumstances and have confidence in yourself”. Thanks Rajeev!

Peter Gallette reflects on his junior year lacrosse season and warns athletes of how to prevent a certain injury: “When’s he got the ball behind the crease and he’s from Okemos, don’t get crossed up”. Hopefully this information can keep our students’ ACLs safe. Thanks Peter!

To close, I would like to impart upon you a piece of knowledge from the man who inspired this very advice column: Ned Bigby.

“Try to study before class” I think this is an especially important mantra to live by. If you don’t study for your classes, it may be quite difficult for you to achieve the grade you desire.

Remember students: keep your heads up and your grades high!


7 Comments on “Ami’s Declassified Upper School Survival Guide”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful survival guide. If only I had this as a freshman would I have done even better. A must read for every underclassman and middle schooler who accepts the challenge of the academia of Detroit Country Day Upper School!

  2. Thanks for the advice for hi gene as well as advice on how to avoid ACL injuries especially when playing the tough esport of League of Legends.

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