Stay local while eating local

These days, eating out is unlike what it was in the past. Previously, there was an emphasis on quantity over quality of ingredients in the restaurant industry. As we have come to better understand how what we put in our bodies affects our daily life, people have started searching for healthier options when going to restaurants rather than settling for meals like fast food. With the budding food industry of Detroit, many local restaurants have adopted strategies that appeal to customers hit by this wave of conscientious eating. These restaurants utilize fresh, sustainable ingredients and keep their food free of GMO’s and other processed materials.

Mudgie’s is a simple, rustic deli located in the heart of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Detroit: Corktown. Mudgie’s prides itself on the use of only local, farm-raised ingredients and its relationship with many local Michigan farmers who supply the deli with the materials to create their homemade masterpieces.
Like most delis, the staple of Mudgie’s sandwiches is their meat. However, this deli goes a step further to make sure that customers are eating the highest quality meats possible when taking a bite of their famous variations of the reuben and the Italian sub. Mudgie’s assures customers of ingredients’ freshness by boasting on its menu that all of the meat is raised in Michigan and roasted in house.
Mudgie’s also caters to people who are vegan and gluten-free with their numerous meatless sandwich options and variations of gluten free bread to top any sandwich. The deli also aims to leave their own green footprint on the surrounding community by harboring recycling and compost bins around the restaurant for all waste, showing their dedication to recycling and the environment.
Mudgie’s has also been voted Detroit’s best deli seven years in a row- which, after experiencing this gem is, in my opinion, a well-deserved honor- Mudgie’s shows no sign of stopping its mission of providing Detroit with a tasteful deli with fresh and delicious sandwiches. 



LOCAL is an authentic, artisan kitchen and bar located in downtown Ferndale, one of the up-and-coming and trendy areas in metro Detroit. LOCAL’s main priority is to create an establishment that is welcoming to all, while maintaining its mantra that preaches locality and freshness as the keys to building delicous meals.
LOCAL aims to put a fresh and hip spin on American comfort food by refining the process of classics like mac & cheese, spare ribs, and chicken wings to include locally grown produce and meats from nearby markets. Most of their dishes vary based on the season and the produce that is available at that respective time, so there is bound to be some delicious changes to the menu every time you walk through the doors.
LOCAL also features many foreign plates on its menu including ramen, tacos, and multiple variations of pasta, while still maintaining its focus on using produce that is grown nearby and free of any preservatives.
Not only does LOCAL help the community by supporting local farmers and businesses, but they also have made strides in helping the Detroit community by donating and fundraising in support of causes dedicated to improving the quality of life in the city of Detroit. A restaurant that serves the community through food and donations is a restaurant to be visited.

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