Senior Spotlight: Bridget Corwin

While attending a school like DCDS, students may often find it difficult to manage their time for academic classes, rigorous athletics, and other extracurricular activities. DCDS senior Bridget Corwin is a fine example of a student who balances all of these components with enthusiasm and hard work. Corwin not only dedicates her time to her school work, but also to community service and her duties as an elected member of Student Council. Her ability to keep up with the busy lifestyle of a student at a college preparatory school should be commended, and it makes her a versatile student that many people not only applaud, but look up to.

During her time at DCDS, Corwin played an important role as captain of the cheer leading team. Before joining the team, Corwin had a stereotype in mind of what she thought a cheerleader would be like: a girl bouncing and screaming, cheering on the football team. But as time passed and she eventually joined the team, Corwin learned that cheer leading was not just about dancing from the sidelines, but more about team building. “You have to be able to trust your teammates because you are lifting each other up, not only physically but mentally,” Corwin said.

The ability to lean on teammates during the tough times and having them be able to lean on you ]is something truly special. In honor of her significant role on the team Corwin earned the Scholar Athlete Award, further demonstrating herself as a well rounded athlete and student.

Another important part of Corwin’s high school career is her participation in the performing arts. Her time in the theater started with a small role in the production of Annie, and a bigger role in the production of Legally Blonde her junior year. As her time on the PAC stage comes to close, nothing concludes her thespian career quite like having a lead role in Fiddler on the Roof.

“My time participating in the plays, no matter how big or small my role, has been an incredibly memorable experience. Through each role I played starting my sophomore year, I was able to see how much confidence I have gained in myself and my skill,” Corwin said.

Participating in community service activities is another one of Corwin’s favorite hobbies. This past summer, Corwin volunteered at Cranbrook Explore Science Camps, where she found a lot of fulfillment in helping kids learn scientific concepts and completing experiments. She has competed over one hundred hours at CESC and plans to continue working there this coming summer. Corwin has also committed much of her time to being an active member of Super Science Saturday each year by helping young DCDS students find their love of science through doing experiments and learning new, exciting scientific concepts.

Corwin’s position in student government is another activity that makes a big impact on DCDS. This is Corwin’s first year elected on Student Council, and being a part of it is one of her fondest memories of her life at DCDS. Acting as a liaison between the students and the teachers, Corwin often has to find ways to compromise while still making both parties happy.

“A lot of being on student council is event planning, and hearing and thinking what the student body is saying,” Corwin said, “I love being able to communicate with and help solve problems for the student body. It is incredibly rewarding to have the ability to make everyone’s experience at school that much better,” Corwin said.

Finally, one of the biggest and most important values Corwin has taken away from her time in high school is the importance of being yourself. Being a part of a family with two sisters, Corwin has learned that forming your own path by standing out among the crowd and trying new things is essential.
“At times it was uncomfortable for me to branch out and try all these different things, but in the long run I learned a lot and am inspired to continue to seek out new opportunities to learn,” Corwin said.

“Although I am being featured because of my accomplishments at DCDS, I believe that those things don’t make a person special,” Corwin said. “Your pet peeves, your quirks, your choices- who you are and what you love are far more important and are the things that make you unlike anyone else.”

Corwin has been a valuable member of the community through her service contributions in school and out, her passion for the theater and cheer leading, and her sparkling personality. Corwin has not only managed to become the embodiment of Mens Sana In Corpore Sano, but has also remained an upstanding member of the DCDS community, and continues to set an admirable example for her peers.

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