Cold Season, Hot Fashion

As the winter season approaches, many of the clothes in our closets transition from bright and summery to dark and cozy. Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to stay in fashion while also staying warm during the colder months. However, DCDS is fortunate enough to have several fashion-forward students who have offered to help out!

“This year, it’s all about the overcoat — topcoats and peacoats,” junior Nate Kim said. “Bomber jackets are also super in-season. They’re great for layering, and adding scarves can also provide warmth and comfort.”

The overcoat is a long winter coat that tends to reach from the mid-thigh to below the knee. Another great outerwear Kim mentions is the Bomber jacket. Bomber jackets were traditionally worn for pilots. However, the edgy, tough, and militaristic feel adds a special touch to any outfit. Especially during snowy days, jackets and coats that can be found at stores such as Zara, Topshop, and H&M, are a great alternative to the generic winter jacket.

Layering clothing is also essential to staying warm in the winter time.

“I love layers. They are the easiest way to stay warm, and you can get away with wearing off-season clothes without freezing,” senior Annie Fu said. “I’m also really into clashing fabrics, such as velvet and leather together. The colorful convertible poncho-scarves from 2005 were really cool, and I hope those become a trend again.”

As Fu mentions, layers also allow the option of wearing clothes that people generally wouldn’t wear during the colder seasons.

“Don’t ignore the hats and shoes,” junior John Barnwell said. “The hats and shoes make the outfit. Baseball caps and eskimo hats are great examples for winter wear. Also, try to wear shoes that are fashionable but also comfortable and that can survive the winter snow.”

The light, fluffy snow we all enjoy during the winter time can unfortunately become an obstacle when wearing insufficient shoes. The classic Premium Waterproof boots from Timberland are a great example of a shoe that can resist the harsh realities of snow. They provide great comfort and protection from the weather, while also adding a pop of color to an outfit. The Tim boots come in tan, burgundy, grey, navy, and brown — all colors that can spice up any outfit. During the winter time, melting snow and salt can easily damage nice shoes. Nonetheless, shoes can be a defining component to any outfit, and depending on the weather, choosing to wear stylish shoes are a must!

Warm socks and comfy sweaters are another staple to many wardrobes during the winter time.

“I am a huge fan of over-the-knee socks because they keep your legs warm,” junior Riya Desai said. “I also love huge sweaters that you can just throw on because they act like a blanket.”

Desai opts to wear over-the-knee socks which can be found in many different patterns to help spice up a winter outfit!

The coming cold months are known for the holiday spirit, and a snazzy outfit just might add a bit more spice to anyone’s winter season!

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