Debate Debacle

This election has been one of the most followed in American history. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what is best for our country and who is most qualified to lead our nation. The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee Donald Trump have rock-solid backings from political party Goliaths, but to actually win the presidential race,  each candidate must secure the support of undecided voters.
Since the 1866 running for U.S. Senate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen. A. Douglas, debates have been the best way to persuade undecided voters. Candidates discuss relevant issues, often proposed by voters themselves, in attempt to swing votes in their direction. But this election is progressing on an unconventional road, to the say the least.
 According to Nielson Ratings, the first presidential debate of this election season was watched by over 84 million people. These record-breaking views offer an opportunity for each candidate to influence massive audiences with strategic campaigning, but that often is not what happens.
The debates have turned into a mudslinging contest; instead of talking about policy, the candidates  slander one another and chatter about scandals. Genuine questions are spun out of proportion and viewers do not receive the answers that they deserve.
All of this would be fine if it helped the public make a decision, but the debates have only confused citizens. There is no longer a reliable platform for voters to question their own candidate, thus creating tunnel vision among voters.
The tunnel vision leaves America in a standstill, with the Independents stuck in the middle, unable to determine which candidate actually wins and loses the debates because of unwavering and irrefutable bias. The results of the election will come down to the candidate who is capable of breaking this awful cycle. Until then, how can the American people determine which candidate is best fit for the presidency? This question is the reason this problem must be fixed, and quickly.

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