Fall Festivities!

As summer comes to a close, fall festivities are just picking up. It seems like almost everybody has a favorite fall activity they love to participate in with friends and family as they head into the back-to-school season.

“One of my fondest memories from my time on the Cross Country team was when we went to the Franklin Cider Mill. We ate doughnuts, drank cider, and also bonded as a team.” sophomore Erin Shi said.

At the Franklin Cider Mill, bushels of apples are pressed and bottled right in front of visitors. The mill is one of the most popular social spots during the fall – and not just because of the hayrides, fresh cider, and doughnuts. The Cider Mill experience as a whole lets people bond in a fun and interesting manner.

“This year we surprised the freshmen on our swim team by taking them to the cider mill,” sophomore Megan Charlokolous said.

The women’s swim team also bonded earlier in the season by participating in fun activities like laser tag. They have not only socialized at the cider mill together, but in the future they also will be planning out their Halloween costumes together. For example, last year all of the swimmers on the team dressed up as dominoes.

“Haunted houses are my favorite. Some of my friends and I go down to Erebus during the fall,” junior Maxine Moore said.

Erebus is a unique four-story haunted house in Pontiac and the biggest one in Michigan. Students, like Moore, go there for an exciting, eventful, and terrifying night.

Many people celebrate fall through group activities, but fall is also a great time to refine and mix up the summer wardrobe. The fall season is great for people who like to dress in-between the extreme weathers. It is not cold enough to wear hefty jackets, but also not hot enough to wear tank tops. Ugg-lovers are certainly excited for the upcoming casual days.

In addition to changing up their wardrobes, many people are spending quality time celebrating the new seasonal drinks at Starbucks only available in the autumn. For example, the caramel brulée latte and the eggnog latte are two popular fall favorites.

“I love drinking tea and hot apple cider. Iced pumpkin spice lattes are also my favorite,” junior Caitlin Alders said.

Whether you like to enjoy the fall by bonding with your sports teams, changing up your wardrobe, or going to Erebus, the fall is a great season to spend quality time with the people you love, doing the things you love.

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