GS Warriors without Curry

Yesterday night was scary for many Golden State fans after finding out that Steph Curry would not play in game 2 against the Houston Rockets. The Golden State team still played like a finals team without Curry with Klay Thompson scoring 34 points and Livingston having 6 assists and 16 points. The Warriors won 115-106, showing they are still a formidable team even without the 2014-2015 regular season MVP. The Warriors made sure to capitalize on transition points and got Klay Thompson open behind the 3-point line as much as they could. What really surprised many of the viewers was the Warriors great defense and how they locked down James Harden and Patrick Beverly, and also Bogut getting a block on Dwight Howard, who was once called Super Man. The tenacity the Warriors shows another reason why they were able to rack up a season better than the 95-96 Bulls and also shows why they are the favorite to win a second NBA championship in a row. Curry will mostly be back for the remainder of the play off season, but this game is proof that the Warriors are still a formidable team even without Curry

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