Varsity Softball: On the Road to Success

The women’s varsity softball team is looking forward to a great season this spring. After winning two out of three scrimmages a couple weeks ago, the team proved to be a strong one. When asked about the scrimmage, captain Brooke Reiter said, “The scrimmage went well! We got to see how the freshmen play and the coaches and older players alike were impressed with their performances. Returning players continued to show strength and improvement over the off-season. Our team is definitely starting out strong this season”. Erinn English, who is also a captain, agreed that the team performed well. When asked what she expects from the team this season, English said, “I expect a lot of effort and teamwork. I also expect to win a lot more games this season. We have a lot of great players so if we combine these skills together we’re going to be unstoppable.” This season, Reiter expects the team to “be better than [they] were the day before and to have a good run in playoffs.” The team this year is made up of four freshmen who have all been playing well and working hard. When asked about the new players, English said, “They’re all great and contribute to the team as a whole. We are lucky to have Jess Garmen to fill in the catcher position after we lost our senior catcher Mia Boswell. She’s doing a phenomenal job.” The team’s next game is Wednesday, April 6th, so be sure to come out and support!

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