Intramural sports provide extra entertainment for students

The student council and faculty run most of DCDS’s traditions. Some of the most jovial traditions are the Intramural Sports at lunch. One of these sports is Intramural Dodgeball, which Mr. David and Mr. John Wilson conduct before March Madness and Floor Hockey.

Mr. David Wilson and Mr. John Wilson both act as referees for all Intramural Sports as well as organizers for all IM sports except Dodgeball.

“We both love the IM sports program as well as the student council who organize Dodgeball, and we try to support it in any way we can such as by being the referees,” English teacher Mr. David Wilson said.

Mr. David Wilson started the IM sports about five years ago for a few reasons, and fewer years ago they expanded upon IM Dodgeball and March Madness. Their main intent was to enhance the lives of busy students in order to provide something fun to do at lunch.

“We decided to provide some fun and competitive activities for the students throughout the year,” Mr. David Wilson said. “We also thought it would promote school spirit.”

The IM Dodgeball tournament is comprised of 10 teams with around 6 players. The style of the tournament is knockout elimination, so, in the first round, eight teams go head to head while the other two teams prepare and practice. Each team has the chance to create their own team name to become unique.

“I feel that IM Dodgeball is a great way for students to vent out some stress they feel from school and showcase their uniqueness when they are creating their team names” junior Mohammad Naserdean said.

IM sports have grown in popularity over the years as the competition becomes fiercer and as more sports such as floor hockey and March Madness are added to the mix. Many students and Mr. and Mr. Wilson feel that Dodgeball is the most popular, followed by March Madness and floor hockey.
“Participation has been pretty solid over the past several years,” Mr. David Wilson said. “So rather than seeing appreciable growth, the level of participation affirms the overall popularity of the IM program.”

Overall, IM sports are a rising tradition in the DCDS community, providing a great way for students to relive the stress of school. The next time that an IM sport rolls around, sign up with your friends to take your mind off the stress that accompanies life at DCDS!

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