New Student Orientation Information

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Open House Locations:

NSO Schedule:

8-8:20am: New Student Arrivals
Head to Advisory Locations
Obtain: Orientation schedule, daily schedule, and a map of the Upper School

8:20am: Head to PAC and sit by advisor

8:30am: Welcomes & Intros.
appx. 8:30am: Mr. Dempsey, Head of School
appx. 8:35am: Mrs. Singleton, AHOS Student Life & Faculty
appx. 8:40am: Mr. Williams, Interim US Director
appx. 8:45am: Nick Kalkanis, US Student Council President

9:00am: Snack Break (In Advisory Locations)
(6 feet apart when masks off for eating indoors or outdoors)

9:20am: Class Visits — Big Sibs should spread throughout the hallways to help orient new students. No clusters! Social distancing!
9:20-9:30am: Block 1
9:35-9:45am: Block 2
9:50-10:00am: Block 3
10:05-10:15am: Block 4
10:20-10:30am: Block 5
10:35-10:45am: Block 6
10:50-11:00am: Block 7

11:10-11:55am: Student-Led “Peer Group” Activity 

12pm: “Grab and Go” Lunches (Eat in Advisory locations)

12:30-1:30pm: Workshops & Student Life “Shopping”

12:30-1:30pm: DCDS Extracurricular “Open Houses” Clubs, Teams, Affinity Groups (Locations listed above)
12:30-12:55pm & 1:00-1:25pm: Student Life Jeopardy! (Location Student Center)
12:30-12:55pm & 1:00-1:25pm: Teacher “Q & A” Panel (Location TBD)

1:30pm: Big Sibs Dismissed

1:35 – 2:45pm: Student Life Presentations

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