The Unsung Heroes of DCDS

The average DCDS student is constantly busy with academics, athletics, and other activities. With these demanding schedules come the need for transportation in and out of state to the athletic competitions. That is why the bus drivers are the unsung heroes of the DCDS community. All the sports teams travel hours and hours every week for practices, games, and state level competitions. Our bus drivers are there, driving in support of our teams and getting them to their destinations safely. 

“The DCDS bus drivers are nice, genuine people who support you when you are going into a game. They always say ‘good luck’ or on the way back from the game they say ‘good job,’” sophomore Chiara Sessa said. 

Sometimes, the DCDS bus drivers enjoy watching sports competitions as much as the parents.  

“I love the variety. I love the different areas I get to go to. I am very grateful for being at DCDS. I do go check out the different competitions when I am at any away game, I’ll go in and watch for a little bit. I am relatively new to DCDS so I don’t have a lot of memories yet but plan on making some. I am very impressed with the kids and the coach on the bus, I think there is a lot of dedication,” DCDS Bus driver Stacy Walchbecq said in response to being asked about her job.

The student body of DCDS is so lucky to have a supportive staff of bus drivers that is willing to go the extra mile to make the athletic teams travel experience positive. Each bus driver has their personal preferences on types of drives they like. Some of our DCDS bus drivers prefer shorter trips, others longer trips but every driver has clocked extensive hours behind the wheel. The DCDS bus drivers also have specific memories of competitions that they remember vividly. 

“I enjoy doing everything, I especially like doing the overnighters on weekends. Working with the kids and the coaches, it’s a great time. I do go in and watch most or all the teams. I especially like going to all the championship games and watching them and enjoying them. Especially the girls Basketball team for the few years that they were running big time, it has been a lot of fun. ,” DCDS bus driver Tim Patterson said.  

The DCDS community acknowledges the positive attitudes of the bus drivers and how they have made a great impact on the sports community at DCDS. Without our bus drivers, we could not get to the places we need to go to compete and represent DCDS. 

“The DCDS bus drivers have been super supportive over the years. They make sure that all their students are taken from one place to another and that they get to places on time and safely. A fun experience I have had with the bus drivers is after certain swim meets they will come out to eat with us. We celebrate and they are super supportive of our endeavors and always wish us good luck,” Sophmore Ainsley Shilling said. 

The DCDS community is very lucky and blessed to have such a dedicated staff of bus drivers driving around their many sports teams in their quest for excellence!

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