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With the school year starting, frazzled freshman drift through the halls making their way from one class to another, trying their best to succeed. Recently introduced to the daunting world of highschool, they are tasked with maintaining their grades while participating in athletics and other after school commitments. It is a lot to handle for anyone. Hence, it is the responsibility of the upperclassmen to lend a helping hand to the angsty freshmans and guide them through the rough obstacle course that is highschool. If you are looking for some advice on how to get through highschool, listen to these insightful seniors. 


1: Stepping out of your comfort zone 

Highschool can be a stressful time, but it is important for students to stretch themselves in every way possible: including socially. Senior Catherine Jiang explains, “I would encourage freshmen to step out of their comfort zones and take a class, join a club, or play a sport just because they think it’ll be interesting. Who knows, maybe one of their passions lies in those unexplored opportunities.”


2: Procrastination

Too often DCDS students attempt to travel the path of least resistance. Because of this students tend to push off work to the last minute. However, this habit is not the most beneficial when it comes to earning high grades on assignments. Senior Sahil Hanamolu emphasizes, “If you want to perform well in the classroom, you need to do the homework and assigned readings on time. Procrastinating may seem like the best option to play video games in the moment, but in the end you have to do the work.”


3: Positivity 

The rigor of DCDS often bogs down students with tests, quizzes, projects, homework, athletics, etc. To get through the stresses of such a strict schedule, keeping your chin up and a smile on your face becomes an essential virtue. Senior Anya Chinnaiyan explains, “It’s really important to keep yourself in a mind space of positivity because it not only helps you keep pushing and persevering but it helps others around you stay afloat as well. Another thing is to not let small defeats or wins get to your head because high school is a long haul and everything adds up so it’s important to stay level headed and grounded.” 


4: Deadlines 

Country Day heavily relies on deadlines to ensure that students complete work on time. As in the real world, it is important to meet these deadlines since responsibilities depend on punctuality. Senior Amir Mazzerella emphasizes, “ Do not neglect, deadlines. The further you get in high-school, the harder work gets. Eventually you will realize starting work the night before it is due is not the best strategy.” 

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