New Silver Point Opportunity

DCD offers many options for students for after-school activities. As the new film program continues to grow for the first time, students are now offered a chance to have a silver point for a film production. Cole McCarthy ‘20 says, “This silverpoint is something completely different from anything else I have experienced at DCD, the feeling of community and the fact that everyone has a role to play make it a great experience.” Students had to audition in order to be a part of this film production. Tasi Raphtis ‘20 comments, “We’ve never done anything like this, so it’s super cool.”

The film is called Blackholes and Supernovas, it’s a coming-of-age story about a typical high school kid navigating the challenges he faces with his family, friends, and school. The crew consists of 25-30 students. Zoe Neugebohr comments, “For me, it’s tough managing a crew this big, I’m used to 4-5 people so it’s a great learning experience considering this is what I want to do with my life.” The student’s film every day after school. Not only have the students had the opportunity to film in the new film studio, but also the students have filmed at restaurants like Leo’s Coney Island and Rusty Bucket.  

Each student plays a different role in the crew. Tori Dedo ‘18 is the director and she coaches the cast. Zoe Neugebohr ‘18 is the first assistant director. She directs the crew and gives assistance to direct. Therese Labordo ‘19 is the director of photography. She directs the camera and sometimes the lighting as well. Zoe Neugebohr also comments, “we have our ups and downs and some days the shoots are really tense because we have a lot to get done but overall I think the cast and the crew are connecting well with each other and we’re all super excited to see the final product of all our hard work come together.”



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