The Risks of Vaping

Questions Asked To Country Day Students

Recently, vaping has rapidly captured the attention of many people, especially the youth, nationwide. The electronic factor of the device appeals to many students, however, some are not aware of the consequences that may result from this harmful device. Chalking vaping up as a safer alternative to smoking, they continue to harm their body with unknown chemicals, and fail to learn the facts about what they are ingesting.

“Vaping is using an electronic cigarettes and tobacco as a substitute for smoking. The effects are the same as smoking, you get a nicotine buzz. I believe vaping is not a safe alternative for smoking. It probably causes cancer because water vapor that people inhale has nicotine in it so, people can get cancer form that. I do not know of any e-cigarettes”

“Vaping is the process of inhaling water vapor or a combination of vaporized drugs such as tobacco. The effects of vaping can be addiction, lung injury and maybe cancer depending on the chemical being inhaled. Vaping can be as harmful as cigarettes or even more because it is still basically taking the same chemicals into the body, and it is definitely not a safer alternative. E-cigarettes and vapes are designed with the same chemicals found in cigarettes, so they are basically the same thing”

“Vaping is inhaling a nicotine as a liquid. I think vaping can be bad for your lungs, and addictive since it uses nicotine. I think it’s less harmful than e- cigarettes because of the lack of tobacco used. I think it’s a safer alternative to cigarettes, and I’m not sure if it causes cancer or not, but I think there’s a possibility. E-cigarettes are cigarettes but basically powered electronically. Vaporizers are a type of e-cigarette”

“I think vaping is definitely less harmful than smoking but there is not enough evidence to prove if it may or may not cause cancer. Most vapes or people that I know who vape use non-harmful substances in their capes such as water vapor which I think is safer than smoking. However I still don’t like to vape because of the insufficient evidence for it and how it makes u look kind of stupid”

“I don’t know for sure if vaping causes cancer, but it might. I also think that vaping is better than cigarettes but it’s is still bad for you, so if something is better it doesn’t make it good”

“When you take a vaporizing substance and you put some liquid in it, and sometimes it has a toxic substance but other times it is just candy flavored water or something like that, and you would inhale it, and then you exhale it. The effects of vaping aren’t terrible but they aren’t great either, you are still inhaling toxic substances. Of course vaping is less harmful than cigarettes. I do think that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean that you should go vape. I do not think vaping causes cancer unless you are constantly vaping. I think e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, but I do not know any specific types of e- cigarettes except for vaping”

“Vaping is the process of inhaling chemicals into the body through a vape pen. I don’t think vaping is less harmful than cigarettes because they both provide equal potential for addiction, and the chemicals and preservatives found in vapes have similar effects on the human body to cigarettes”


Questions Answered By Research

A vape is a device that can come in the size of an actual pen to the size of a cigar. The device heats up propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin to produce the vapor.

There are no long term effects to vaping; they are still being researched. The short term effects include dry mouth, dry lips, sore throat, headaches, nausea, muscle pain, cramps, and aches.

The difference between smoking and vaping is that smoking requires combustion, creating many harmful chemicals. Vaping does not require combustion, consequently removing the harmful chemicals that come from the tar. However, vaping still includes many chemicals that are involved in creating the flavor of the juice. For example, nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol, acetaldehyde, and nitrosamines.

Vaping is a safer alternatives to cigarettes as of now. However, the long term effects of vaping are unknown, making it not completely safe to use.

Cancer occurs due to abnormal cell growth from DNA mutation. There are some studies that connect vaping with cancer.

Electronic cigarettes are smoking devices that are battery powered. They are created to imitate actual cigars. Electronic cigarettes include liquid that contains nicotine, and other flavoring chemicals. The vapor is created the same way as in vapes.

Vaping comes with real consequences that could affect day to day life. Students should think twice before making decisions like these. Providing awareness on the consequences of vaping, will help reduce the number of mishaps students encounter.

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