Say Bye to Dry

The winter-time can be one of the most exciting seasons of the year. From holiday festivities to mouth-drooling food, the snow-filled season is known for some of the most memorable times of the year. But no matter how celebratory the winter can be, one thing that can be a hassle to keep up with the dreaded dry skin. From oily to combination skin types, the winter can easily dry the skin, thus it is ever-so crucial to keep the skin moisturized during the frosty months.

Amazonian Clay Mask: One of the nicest things you could do for your face in the winter time is to apply a face mask. Not only is it extremely moisturizing for your face, but it reinforces vitamins and exfoliates your pores. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price — The Amazonian Clay Mask may only be $5.95 at Walmart, but the quality of the mask truly changes your skin. Looking like a green zombie doesn’t only apply to Halloween, try a green face mask and you just might get a reaction out of your friends!

Burts and Bees Lip Balm: Ah, a classic. The Burts and Bees Peppermint Lip Balm is one of the most trustworthy balms on the market. Its secret ingredient? Beeswax. The natural ingredients are what make the Burts and Bees products so successful. The balm conditions the skin, and the Vitamin E moisturizes. What’s more, the refreshing hint of peppermint oil creates a smooth tingle that makes any winter skin routine just a little more exciting!

Mario Badescu Facial Rose Water Spray: What this really is, I don’t know. But, I do know that every spritz of this spray immediately refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. Rosewater kind of sounds like a grandmar product, but let me tell you. It is anything but. The rosewater a like a breath of fresh air. The refreshing feeling lingers throughout the day, and the scent is so light and sweet, that you almost don’t realize it’s there.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser: The Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser may have a boring packaging, but the product certainly delivers. One pump of the snowflake white gel, morning and night, leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. The scentless gel adds to the simplicity of the cleanser. One pump, massage, rinse, repeat.

Lush Ocean Salt Face Scrub: I can’t write a skincare routine article without mentioning a Lush product. The Lush Ocean Salt Face Scrub is a grainy, bright blue, scrub that not only exfoliates your skin, but it leaves the face as soft as a baby’s bum.

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