Ami’s Declassified Upper School Survival Guide: Issue 2

Hey, whippersnappers. Ami and Aroon here again to bring you some extra helpful tips for navigating this crazy maze we call the upper school. We asked a few more students for any wisdom they can apart upon you all.

According to Husain Hakim, an involved and personable Country Day senior, “Shoot for the moon, and if you fall, you’ll land among the stars”. Husain, your originality never ceases to amaze us here at Fearthesting. Thank you.

Dylan Prime, a leader among the senior class, reflects upon his high school career. One piece of advice he would like to impart upon the student body is: “Don’t be afraid to shoot the outside j. It’s integral for the success of your sports team’s Cinderella story”. Thanks, Dylan! This will help our scholar athletes become better risk takers!

Intelligent and beautiful senior Maya Nassif emphasizes the importance of dental hygiene: “I like a gentleman with teeth so shiny I can see my reflection”. So, remember students, brushing and flossing those K9s multiple times a day can get you a cute date to Prom like Maya.

According to Hans Liu, a future leader of the Upper School, “Enjoy every process of everything because when it’s over, it’s over”. Wow, for an underclassman, this advice is beyond impressive. Thank you, Hans.

Once again, we would like to share a piece of consejo from our inspiration Ned Bigby.

Make sure you always brush your hair and teeth before you go. Also make sure you have all your clothes on” I’m sure Ned has it good!

As always students, keep those heads up and those grades high!


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