Basketball’s Breakout Season (feat. Brendan “BT” Terrill)

Fall sports are coming to a wrap, but hold your horses, fellow DCD athletic fanatics! Though the first round of organized athletics may be coming to an end, the winter sports season is coming in hot on its tail. Among these sports is basketball. With a talented group of players, led by our esteemed head coach Mr. Mark Bray, the team will look to make a run for Country Day’s 100-and-some-odd state championship.


I sat down with senior leader Brendan “BT” Terrill to dive into deep, deep detail about how he thinks the season will unfold. He, along with Dylan Sandhu, will look to headline a small, but talented, senior group, paired with a very talented underclass. When asked what will be our biggest weakness coming into the season, BT immediately responded with one word, “Center”. He relayed emphatically that Demetriess “Debow” Champion is an excellent player at that position, but having the ability for Cole Bearden (class of ’17) to play the Center position last year allowed for Debow to play at the power forward spot, allowing for a truly overpowering and dominant frontcourt.


BT also did not falter to point out the young talent we possess on the team. “Wen[dell “Icy Wen” Green], Mikkos [Stewart], and Julian [Roper]” were the three names that came to the forefront of his mind. He couldn’t praise the three enough for their skills, abilities, and knowledge of the game. When asked about how Roper would play a role on the team, BT said bluntly, “He’s the number one player in the state. He can play a little of everything. He’s fun to watch.” Well, BT, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we look forward to watching him and everyone else break some ankles on the hardwood!


The two big games to come out and watch this year are the games against Catholic Central and against Brother Rice, both at home. “Probably, the biggest game will be the Rice game, because they’re going to be really good too. It’s on Friday, January 12th at 7PM in the Shaw Gym. Be there.” And be there we will, BT. Be there we will.


But, of course, we will be at all games, cheering on the Yellow Jackets in all of our basketball endeavors. Ball out, Jackets!

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