Love is in the Air…and on the Screen

Because Valentine’s Day has just passed, I think that it is time for us all to remember some of the most loved and memorable relationships in all of fictional history. Some of these couples are new, some are old, some have happy endings, and some don’t. Despite all the situations and obstacles these couples face in their lives, they love each other so much that we love remembering them.

Jack and Rose
The first couple that must be mentioned is one that has gone down in history for having a tragic love story. Of course, I am talking about Jack and Rose from the legendary 1997 film Titanic. Jack and Rose’s relationship defines a love that will never die; especially when Rose tells him that she will “never let go” as Jack dies. That one line still continues to make fans everywhere cry and wish for a relationship as full of love as Jack and Rose’s.

Hazel and Augustus
Another couple that needs to be on this list is one that is much more recent, but just as beloved. Though Hazel and Augustus had a quick and tragic love story, no one can say that their relationship lacked in happiness and love. Hazel and Augustus from the John Green’s bestselling novel and 2014 movie The Fault in Our Stars had a relationship that will go down in history. These two cancer patients helped each other move past the lives they believed they were destined to have. And even though some fans may not be over the ending of their story, it will get better as time goes on. Okay? Okay.

Ellie and Carl
Even though they were a couple of few words, our hearts still hurt when watching Ellie and Carl from the 2009 Pixar movie UP. They had a short relationship to us as viewers, but they really had a lifetime together. We hear almost no words from them as we watch their lives progress, but we do not need to hear them speak to know how in love they are; we can see their love through their actions and happiness together. And though the two of them have yet another tragic love story, they still had a great adventure together – an adventure that none of us will forget.

Ron and Hermione
One of the most ‘magical’ and well-known couples in all of fictional history is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger from the J.K. Rowling’s bestselling Harry Potter series. Though these two may have started out on the wrong foot, everyone was just waiting for the two of them to finally realize what was right in front of their eyes by the end.
Their relationship was one of laughter and tears, not to mention lots of problems that were not related to love, such as trying to save the world from a psychotic, murderous wizard killing people and ruining lives. But after years and years of waiting, Ron finally got over his teaspoon-sized emotional range . Especially after defeating Voldemort of course, the two of them really did get their happy ending.


Han Solo and Princess Leia
Another (mostly) happy love-story is from the hit movie franchise Star Wars. This list could not be completed without mentioning the relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia. Despite the ups and downs between the two of them in the beginning, their love is undeniable. The two of them have a relationship that was so real and so amazing to watch unfold on the screen. Even though in the more recent movies we find out that their story does not end very happily, we know that it does not matter because they love each other, and that they always will.


Mia and Sebastian
Sebastian and Mia are both struggling artists in modern day L.A., Mia as an aspiring actress and Sebastian as a dedicated jazz musician. They struggle to make ends meet and the story displays how they get together and work to pursue their dreams while balancing their relationship. The original musical about everyday life explores how this supportive couple holds each other up through both good and bad times. Having been in two movies together previously, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone share a warm frienship which translates to sizzling on-screen chemistry. Moreover, La La Land has been nominated for a whopping fourteen Oscars.


I hope this list of famous fictional couples allowed you all to fondly remember some happy (and not so happy) relationships that you have either seen on television or read in a book.

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