Confessions of a Juice Cleanse A-holic

Day One
I looked at the arrangement of juices I had ordered online from Beyond Juice. With numbers on each bottle to explain the order, I grabbed the juice with the number one on it when it arrived at my house. To my dismay, it was a green juice made of kale, spinach, and collards. Just opening the bottle and smelling the drink made me want to gag. I held my nose as I drank it during first block. The second juice wasn’t much better. Being made of beets, a vegetable I despise, the purple liquid smelled of earth and had a taste I couldn’t bare. I was able to get half of it down before lunch, and then gave up. The third juice was made of oranges and grapefruit, thank goodness, and tasted like a tartar version of the juice one might drink at breakfast. It is the only one I thoroughly enjoyed and could see myself drinking while not on the cleanse. As lunchtime approached, I did not find myself hungry. Having only drank juice all morning, my stomach was not begging for food. The rest of the day was followed by trying to down a carrot juice while trying to finish homework, making me realize plugging your nose while writing is impossible. I went to bed felling rather queasy, and empty.
Day Two
The second morning, I found myself having more motivation to go through with the juice cleanse. If I could survive one day, I could definitely survive a second. I found the green morning juice easier to drink than before, because prepared to face it. The one thing I did notice about the second day was that I had more fatigue than usual. Even though I slept well the night before, I still felt tired. By the time I got home and drank the last juice (a cashew cinnamon milk mixture that tasted fine but had the weirdest texture), I was ready to hop into bed and get some well needed rest. Unfortunately, there was still homework to do. As I tried to work through it, I found focusing to be harder than usual. I breathed a sigh of relief when I was able to go to bed.
Day Three
Wow, I couldn’t believe I had lasted two days at this point. Where others had failed, I had succeeded, and it felt great to be able to say I made it this far. Only one more day to go, I told myself in the morning, in an effort to survive the day. Turns out I didn’t need any words of encouragement. The green juice, and the rest of them for that matter, went down with ease. My stomach and I knew what to expect from the juice and were not phased by anything. I was more focused than before, which helped with school. I also found myself with more energy than before I started the cleanse and although I was now done with the program and out of juice, I felt like I could live off only juice for days.

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