A PartyBook Full of Fun

PartyBook is a company that designs and personalizes fundraising websites for individual schools. On the PartyBook website, visitors may login and register for different fundraising events in the area. These events range from wine tasting for adults to wreath designing for students before the holidays. Thanks to Mrs. Christa Reid, PartyBook has been introduced to the universal DCDS community. Any alum, current students, and parents may attend different parties hosted nearby.

To sign up for parties, visit https://dcds.onlinepartybook.com/ and click the Register tab to add the name and credit card information of the primary account holder. Once that is complete, the account holder may register for different events under the PartyBook tab depending on availability left in each party and the price of registration per person. For those feeling in the charitable mood, they may decide to host their own party. Under that tab, people may suggest their own event that they would like to host and have it submitted for review to be accepted as another upcoming event. PartyBook allows any member of the DCDS community to host a party that can be tax-deductible by donating it to the school, then the school charges a ticket price to attend the party and 100% of those proceeds go back to the DCDS Annual Fund.

We currently have a few events through the holiday season.” Mrs. Reid said, “Our next event for parents is hosted by Sue O’Callaghan which is a Tea Tasting at Eli Tea Bar in Birmingham.”

With exciting events like this that have already occurred and more upcoming events, such as the wine tasting at Plum Mark on January 18, 2017, PartyBook’s future in DCDS is looking bright.

The PartyBook launch has been going well so far with practically selling out our latest event which is a Holiday Wreath Making Class at the Thrifty Florist Warehouse, hosted by past and current parents Joann Gordon, Amy Erjavac, Anna Rea, and Thrifty Florist.” Mrs. Reid said.

The success of PartyBook in its early stages is very promising. Mrs. Reid hopes to continue expanding PartyBook. It currently has a smaller selection of events from which people may choose. Soon, hopefully there will be more selections for categories including adults, kids, all people, and moms.

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