Senior Spotlight: Carol Chen

Students at DCDS always strive to be their best in order to depict the school motto: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano. In particular, senior Carol Chen stands out amongst many because of her commitment towards everything that she does. While juggling varsity sports, the role of Student Council President, and a rigorous curriculum is not an easy task, Chen manages to do so without a second thought. Through her hard work and dedication, Chen has become a role model to many students and plays an important role within the DCDS community.

Around the school, Chen is well known as the Student Council president. She has been on Student Council since her junior year, and has contributed to many of the school activities students love to participate in. She has planned many school events such as field day, the variety show, winterfest, and culture day. As the president, Chen not only proves her leadership skills, but also demonstrates her sportsmanship, reliability, and dedication.

“I love the people on Student Council and working with some of my best friends,” Chen said. “I am a passionate party planner, and I love to create activities that will help the student body take a break from the busy Country Day lifestyle.”

Chen also demonstrates her leadership on the DCDS cross country and track teams. She has been a vital member of both teams, as she played varsity for all four years. She has been the captain of both teams during her junior year and continues to lead them in her final year of high school. Chen went to all region for two years in track, and went to states in both sports. She enjoys running and likes that if she can improve in one sport, it benefits both. She also takes satisfaction in knowing that she can always get direct results; she gets out exactly as much as the effort she puts in.

“I like motivating people and comforting those who are new to running and telling them, “It gets better,” Chen said. “When I was a freshman, I looked up to the captains. In the future, I wanted to take their place and have the underclassmen look up to me.”

Outside of the rigorous environment at school, this past summer Chen extended her academic experience working under Kabir Mendiratta of  Kabir’s Prep, an ACT and SAT tutoring organization. While working here Chen often corrected homework and helped students in class. Working at Kabir’s Prep taught her discipline, and from Mendiratta himself she learned that with hard work comes responsibility, and a lot of power and benefits.

In addition to excelling in academics and athletics, Chen never fails to impress with her musical ability. She has been playing the violin for fourteen years, and will continue to play out of high school. She was the star of “Legally Blonde” in the orchestra pit and performed the part of “strolling violinist” on stage. Chen’s favorite part about playing is that it puts her in a community of other string musicians and helps her express herself in a way that words can’t.

Chen’s passion for playing the violin has also opened other opportunities for her as she dedicates herself to community service throughout her high school career. She is a member of a string  quartet which plays at a nursing home and at Providence Hospital during the holidays. Chen has been playing in the quartet for the past four years, and she enjoys giving back to the community.

“While having the privileges that we have, it is our moral responsibility to help the people who don’t have as many opportunities as we do,” Chen said.

Chen’s leadership and kindness is also proven as she sets a positive example to the underclassmen. As she ends her high school journey, Chen never hesitates to give advice to those who are new to the Upper School.

“Take a deep breath, relax, take a step back and realize what Country Day is. Don’t worry about the little things, because Country Day makes it easy to do so. Ask yourself what you’re really trying to learn from this school. Make the most out of these four years,” Chen said.

Chen’s commendable leadership skills and passion for everything between academics, arts, and athletics makes her the ideal Country Day role model. Chen has left her legacy at Country Day and will be looked up to as a positive influence for years to come.


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