The Rookie: Nina Khaghany

Nina Khaghany does it all. She is a varsity field hockey athlete, a member of the class board, a great student, and a varsity tennis hopeful in the spring. Nina also has great character and remains humble despite her many accomplishments. Although she is a very busy person right now, Nina’s focus is on her current sport- field hockey. She is the only freshman on the varsity team, starts at center-midfield, and plays an important role as one of the passers and assisters. With the help of Nina and the other talented players, the team is not only undefeated but also currently haven’t allowed a goal and have given up very few shots. The team is having a phenomenal year.
Led by captains Noreen Khan, Izzy Stanton, and twins Anya and Anagha Nayak, the varsity field hockey team is looking ahead to states. Although the team’s dominance and success are encouraging, they continue to work hard for their ultimate goal. When asked about their chances on States, Nina said,” Yeah, I think we are going to be state champions. I think if we continue to work hard, we can definitely pull it off.” The school wishes the team luck on its future success.

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